View Your World in High Definition

Proactively protect your assets with a customized security surveillance solution by C&I Technologies. Security cameras strategically located around your home or business are a visual deterrent and provide added peace of mind, security and video evidence to prosecute criminal activity and recover your losses. Manage, operate or View live from your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet; or Browse through recorded footage anytime, anywhere.


NVR Systems

Network security solutions are the future of home and business security, a future that begins with a world-class Network Video Recorder (NVR). These recording devices use the local network to send and receive data, and are ideal for remotely monitoring your surveillance system from your computer, smart phone, or tablet.

  • Connect AHD or IP cameras to your NVR
  • See what your cameras see or watch recorded playback no matter where you are.
  • motion activated push notifications or email alerts to keep
  • Preinstalled security grade hard drive that can store weeks (even months) of security footage.
  • Review and analyze all your surveillance videos from a single interface

Digital & IP Cameras

High Definition

Our digital IP Camera comes with high definition resolution. Whether your using your mobile, laptop, or tablet, the resolution of the camera feed is HD.

Cloud Storage

We use the latest in cloud technology for your camera solution. You are able to access your recordings from the cloud. All of your recordings is stored safely, and securely on the cloud – giving you remote access to it any time.

Flexibility and Versatility

You can the solution in different environments: whether the environment is outdoor or indoor our solution can work for you – with resolution ranging from 1 to 5 Mega Pixels.

Zoom In

With our new optical zoom-in and zoom-out features, you can get greater vision on the environment.


Mobile Surveillance

Simply install our mobile application on your smart phone or tablet for easy surveillance on the go.

1) View all of your cameras and devices

2) Create predesigned camera layouts from a single or multiple devices (CMS mode)

3) Fully control your PTZ

4) Remotely configure your device (DVR/NVR Only)

5) Record and take snapshot directly on your device

6) Playback recorded files locally or remotely (Requires device’s support)



We have provided video surveillance services to clients in the following cities:

  • Guelph
  • Hamilton
  • Kitchener
  • Waterloo
  • Stoney Creek
  • Burlington
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