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TELUS SmartHome Plans

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Self-monitored Service

2 Automation Devices

1 Camera

2 Smart Devices & Sensors

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Professional monitoring

1 Control Panel

1 security starter kit

(Add for $10/mo)

Home Security – Professionally Monitored

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Professional monitoring

1 Control Panel

1 security starter kit

(Add for $3/mo)

3 Smart Devices & Sensors

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Professional monitoring

1 Control Panel

1 security starter kit

(Add for $3/mo)

3 Smart Devices & Sensors

Home Automation – Self Monitored

Home Security – Professionally Monitored

Smart Home Security Plans

Smart Camera

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Smart Automation

TELUS Mobility Bundle price:

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TELUS Mobility Bundle price:

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Control + Video

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Save $17/mo.
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Term 3 Year 3 Year 3 or 5 Year 3 or 5 Year
TELUS Internet required
Self monitoring
Automation Devices 2 Automation Devices
Professional monitoring
1 control panel
1 security starter kit
Camera 1 Camera 1 Camera (Add for $10/mo) (Add for $3/mo)
Smart Devices & Sensors 2 smart devices 3 smart devices

Control and monitor your home security system from anywhere.

Ensure that your family is safe in your home by using sensors, security cameras, and many other available devices. You can manage the whole home security comfortably from a smartphone and take advantage of the peace of mind associated with the ability to monitory your home in real-time and receive prompt reminders and notifications.

Take control and manage your home alarm system.

When you use your TELUS home alarm system you can easily control your thermostat and lights, determine who is at your door via a live video feed (and let your family and friends in that door), and do even more – only using your dedicated mobile phone app. Now that is most definitely smart.

Ensure that your home runs safely and efficiently.

Using a smart thermostat (or other similar devices) can enable you to save up to 6% on energy costs during months with high usage. You can also save up to 20% on your home insurance by taking advantage of 24/7 home monitoring and professional installation.

An incredible home security system that will always have your back.

Our smart home security experts will monitor your home around the clock for carbon monoxide, floods, fires, and break-ins. If the team detects an alarm being triggered, they will take prompt action and immediately send you an alert via the smart home Security app.

Find out how TELUS SmartHome Security can help you.

Security for your wallet and your home

You will be able to start saving money by switching to TELUS SmartHome Security as early as today. Sign up immediately and find savings of up to 20%on insurance premiums – when you select a plan that is professionally monitored.

Reduce the cost of your monthly utilities

Smart home automation products such as smart light bulbs and the smart thermostat will help you conserve energy, manage your heating, and reduce your overall utility bills.

Determine which installation method best fits your needs.

DIY Self Installation

Take control with a hands-on DIY method of installation

  • This is available for the Smart Automation, Smart Camera, or Sensors plus Video plan.
  • You will get a Smart Home Security Self-Install Kit that has all necessary instructions and devices in it.
  • Install the system in your own time, with access to online resource guidance and call-in support if necessary.

Tech-Assisted Installation

A TELUS technician will come by to help you install the system

  • This is available solely by setting up a call back for the Secure plan, Control plan, Control + Video plan, or the Secure + Video plan.
  • A technician will come to your house and complete any work that is necessary for installation outside of the home.
  • Any remaining devices will be left outside (all the devices are completely sanitized) and you will be guided through all of the setup remaining via video chat.

Learn about our top smart home security products

HD Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

Keep an eye on what is happening throughout and around your home.

This camera is weather-proof and capable of capturing live, recorded video throughout your home.

Smart Thermostat

Enjoy your comfort all day long and save on energy costs at the same time.

Take control of the temperature of your home remotely or allow it to automatically adjust to suit your family’s needs.

Smart Lights

Take advantage of energy-efficient, fully automated lighting.

Set your lights to turn on at sunset or set them to come on due to motion during the evening.

Flood Sensor

Keep updated about potential floods as soon as they happen.

Be notified immediately about emergencies that could potentially result in property damage, enabling you to take action before damage occurs.

Smart Smoke Sensor

Get immediately notified if any smoke is present in your home.

Get an alert through your app about smoke in the home. These work as a fantastic supplement to any existing smoke sensors.

Smart Lock

Be able to lock or unlock your door remotely.

You will be able to lock or unlock your door remotely, or even create a special code for the lock that will only work during specific pre-determined times. These are a great option for deliveries, appointments, or visitors.

Slimline Doorbell Camera

Be able to see and speak to anyone who comes to your door.

You will be able to hear your doorbell ring, and then have a two-way conversation with the person at your door – regardless of where you are.

TELUS Home Security

5 Benefits of a Smart Home Security System

With the ever changing landscape of modern technology and home alarm systems it can often be difficult to determine what the best way to protect your family is. So, why should you be interested in transitioning to a Smart Home Security System, and moving away from traditional security systems – or even having no security system at all? Overall, Smart Home Security Systems are a fantastic investment. They help keep your home safe and make your life easier. However, they will also help in the most important goal – keeping your family and loved ones safe and secure.
Here are five key benefits to installing a Smart Home Security System:

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