Visibility. Control. Efficiency.

Our customers have told us they want more visibility, control and efficiency when it comes to mobility expense management.

You have a lot going on at the office and reviewing invoices, allocating costs and analyzing spreadsheets is time consuming work that creates little value for your company.

  • How can you turn pages of data into meaningful information?
  • How can you budget, monitor and manage individual, group and departmental mobility usage?
  • How can you watch for exceptions and overages to avoid additional costs?


Wouldn’t it be great if managers could:

  • Reduce time, cost and frustration with bill analysis
  • Establish thresholds and cost centers to budget and manage costs
  • Know when it’s time to optimize hardware, plans and services

C&I Technologies Expense Management Utility (EMU) provides you with a solution that meets these challenges head on:

  •  Controlled secure multilevel access, on-line, anytime, from anywhere
  • Set and monitor budget allocation for usage at the company, cost center or user level
  • Easily assign users to the various cost centers as the business environment changes.
  • Generate various reports for your wireless users in the click of a button
  •  All data saved indefinitely for historical data collection, monitoring and analysis.
  • Obtain various reports per cost center or across the organization including: usage reports, cost report, budget overage reports.
  • Obtain details for usage and expense at the user level including all voice and data services such as LD, roaming, data services, incoming & outgoing calls etc.
  • Ability to export data to Excel for additional data analysis, reporting or integration into other applications.
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