Telus drive


Protect yourself, your loved ones, and your vehicle. Find out if it’s been stolen, or if it has been bumped.


Get Wi-Fi access  for yourself and all of your passengers. You can connect multiple devices to your vehicle’s Wi-Fi hotspot.
Smarter decisions


Make smarter decisions on the way you drive and on the repairs of your vehicle. Get real-time access to important information that can save you a lot of money.

Connected Car Solution

Car care. Get diagnostics and insights about your car’s health.

Car tracker. Track your car’s location, monitor driving behavior and set speed alerts.

Stay connected. Turn your car into a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 5 devices.



on a 2 year term

SIM Card set-up not included

Plan Details:



Add 1 GB of shareable data to a TELUS SharePlus or Your Choice plan.


With instant notifications about car trouble, TELUS Drive+ works like a virtual mechanic to help you take better care of your car and keep your family safe on the road

Key Car Care Features:

  • Check your fuel level* and battery voltage before you hit the road
  • Diagnose car trouble the moment the check engine light comes on
  • Interpret mechanical engine codes (DTCs) into plain english so you can understand the severity of the issue
  • Instantly search for nearby mechanics to get the help you need

Keep your family’s cars safe and dependable

Keep an eye on your teen drivers & cut down on distractions

Get notified if your car is being stolen and track its location

TELUS Drive+ makes real – time family monitoring easy without having to resort to dangerous distractions like phone calls and text messages.

Key Car Tracker Features:

  • Use GPS to track the location of your car at all times
  • Monitor the status and location of your loved ones without having to contact them for updates
  • Create geofences areas around common locations like home, office or school, and be notified when your family members arrive or depart
  • Set custom speed alerts and get notified when the threshold is passed
  • Receive disturbance alerts if your car has been bumped while parked
  • Track your car’s location if it’s been stolen

Get peace of mind about your cars and the people in them

Help your family cut down on dangerous driving behavior


Learn how to become a smarter, safer driver TELUS Drive+ reports on your driving activity to help you drive more safely, save money on fuel and minimize wear and tear on your vehicles

Key Car Tracker Features:

  • Identify dangerous behavior like speeding, harsh braking and rapid acceleration
  • Track your trips and learn more by understanding how, when and where you drive
  • Set speed alerts to get notified when a family member is speeding
  • Easily mark trips as business and export for taxes and mileage reporting

Keep your family’s cars safe and dependable

Keep an eye on your teen drivers & cut down on distractions

Access reliable, high-speed 4G LTE Wi-Fi whenever you need it

Turn your car into a Wi-Fi hotspot STAY CONNECTED Stop worrying about your phone’s data consumption or fumbling with personal hotspots. Get the convenience of a dedicated 4G
LTE Wi-Fi hotspot in your car.

Key Wi-Fi Features:

  • Connect up to five (5) digital devices via your in-car WiFi hotspot
  • Easily control your Wi-Fi hotspot from within the app

Turn your car into a Wi-Fi hotspot

Unlocking valuable data that matters

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