The need to keep your business mobile is always expanding in today’s global economy. Competition is fiercer than ever, and to keep that competitive edge, it is crucial to reach as many potential customers or clients as you can.

An excellent tool that can help you achieve that goal is TELUS Mobile Internet.

Take your products or services on the road to expand your customer base and make people more aware of your brand. Setting up temporary locations at tradeshows, high profile events, or a mall kiosk is great way to accomplish this.

TELUS mobile internet is an exceptional option for setting up temporary construction sites, or any other interim office you may need in a remote location.

Trying to establish a local internet connection for every location you go to can become a nightmare as you quickly realize you have no control over your internet expenses.

CI Technologies offers an ideal solution to these problems with TELUS mobile internet.

CI Technologies TELUS Mobile Internet

As an authorized TELUS dealer, CI Technologies offers a wide assortment of useful products and services that can help expand your brand reach, and satisfy your mobile business needs.

Business excellence is top priority at CI Technologies, which means that employees at all levels are going through continual training to enhance knowledge and expertise in this constantly changing industry.

You can always expect the highest level of commitment and proficiency for whatever your unique needs may be.

The experts at CI Technologies have been servicing mobile business requirements in London, Guelph, Kitchener, Hamilton, Stoney Creek and other cities in southern Ontario for many years.

CI Technologies TELUS Mobile Internet Products

There are a variety of mobile internet products to choose from with CI Technologies.

Some of the most useful for your mobile business needs, include:

  • TELUS Mobile Internet Key
  • TELUS Smart Hub
  • TELUS Wireless MiFi

TELUS Mobile Internet Key

The TELUS mobile internet key can help ensure a reliable and secure connection in remote areas where network access is limited.

CI Technologies offers the Huawei E8372 LTE WiFi mobile internet key to provide this versatile connection.

The Huawei E8372 LTE mobile internet key, features:

  • 150 Mbps network speed
  • 4G LTE network connection
  • Expandable memory of up to 32GB

TELUS Smart Hub

A TELUS Smart Hub can be a huge advantage to your mobile business by offering a quick and easy set up for temporary offices and display booths.

The ZTE MF275R Smart Hub, available through CI Technologies, has several helpful features that can ensure a secure, dependable connection, while keeping expenses to a minimum.

The TELUS ZTE MF275R Smart Hub, features:

  • Long battery life to keep you connected all day
  • Excellent network speeds
    • 150 Mbps down
    • 50 Mbps up
  • 4G LTE network connection

TELUS Wireless MiFi

The Novatel Wireless MiFi, offered at CI Technologies, is the first ever touchscreen hotspot. This MiFi device connects to the cellular network and allows WiFi access for 10 devices to connect simultaneously.

Some of the features of the Novatel Wireless MiFi are:

  • 2” color display touch screen
  • Rechargeable, long-lasting Li-Ion battery
  • Wall or USB charging options

Advantages of TELUS Mobile Internet

There are a multitude of benefits to be enjoyed with the use of TELUS mobile internet.

Some of the best advantages include:

  • Versatility
  • High speed
  • Capacity
  • Cooperation


Not only can you stay connected in remote locations and temporary offices, you can do it using an assortment of different devices.

Connect to TELUS mobile internet with:

  • Smartphones
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Car
  • Phone system
  • Kiosk

High Speed

Maintain high speed connections in remote locations with 4G and LTE networks.


Reach more customers over a greater distance with TELUS mobile internet. Assembling temporary offices or displays in multiple places will allow you to reach new potential customers and expand brand awareness.

Grow and mobilize your business quickly and easily with CI Technologies.


If you have employees operating out of numerous locations, they can easily collaborate information and data with TELUS mobile internet.

Stay connected on the road and in remote areas, so employees never miss important updates and can continually contribute to group projects.

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