Improve the Stability & Reliability of your Network

Your network requires a strong and stable foundation in order to perform at an optimal level. The underlying structure of your computer network is your network wiring. We strive to ensure that your network structure meets the highest industry standard of reliability & stability.

What We Do:

  • Network cabling installation including network ports, jacks & patch panel
  • Telephone voice related wiring including phone lines, jack and patch panels
  • Repairs and modifications to existing network cabling
  • Planning for future network growth & scalability to reduce overall costs
  • Maintenance of the network infrastructure to ensure connectivity & reduce user downtime.


Patch Panels

A patch panel in a local area network is a mounted hardware assembly that contains used to connect and manage incoming and outgoing LAN cables. Patch panel design supporting technologies such as Cat6 & Cat 5, 6, 6E 7. Using certified network switches up to 1 Gb speed is engineered to create organized, managed network that can support the demands of your users & applications. Meeting the highest certified standards is critical to your systems performance & productivity

Server Racks & Cabinets

An organized, well cooled & cared for server closet is a reflection of the organization f your infrastructure. We deploy the needed combination of racks, closets & cabinets to protect your networking equipment & ensure access & uptime. Manufacturers like Hammond are our key providers of such solutions that meet the highest standards of reliability & quality.

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