An excellent way to improve customer communication with round-the-clock availability is through a cloud phone system.

What is a cloud phone system?

A cloud phone system is a system that is hosted in the cloud, so that all your data is securely stored on a protected server that you can access by internet.

Using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, cloud phone systems are being implemented to take the place of traditional or conventional landlines.

This process is typically carried out and hosted by a third-party service provider such as C&I Technologies.

C&I Technologies

The experts at C&I Technologies are focused on providing innovative and practical technological solutions for businesses across southern Ontario.

Some cities of practice include:

  • Kitchener
  • London
  • Hamilton
  • Guelph
  • Stoney Creek

With a genuine interest in effective communication, the staff at C&I are constantly looking for new ways to make business communication more convenient and beneficial for everyone involved.

Considering the global base of economy these days, and the need to be on the move on a daily basis, these communication solutions must be both mobile and flexible.

C&I Technologies has partnered with TELUS mobility to offer a communication solution for businesses that is both mobile and flexible.

That solution is a service called TELUS Business Connect.

TELUS Business Connect Products, Services and Features

TELUS Business Connect is the perfect way to stay connected to all your clients. It is also a great way to stay available, and be easy to connect with, for new potential customers.


There are a variety of phone styles to choose from, depending on your Business Connect needs. Some of the products to choose from are:

  • Cordless phones
  • Desk phones
  • Conference phones
  • Receptionist phones

Whatever your communication needs may be, there is an applicable product available to service those requirements.


You will be able to perform an assortment of services with TELUS Business Connect.

Some of the services available are:

  • Call management
  • Conference calling
  • Call routing

Call Management

Easily manage all your calls and Business Connect services with the all-in-one portal hub.

Never miss important business calls, which could regrettably result in lost business opportunities.

Conference Calling

It is now easier than ever to virtually connect with your clients using audio or video conference calling.

Conference calling is great for team collaboration projects, especially when team members are spread across various locations.

Call Routing

TELUS Business connect makes it easy to set up a call directory for your business. Make it effortless for your customers to reach the people or department they are looking for.

For example, you could set up a directory that automatically routes calls to customer support, sales, or marketing, based on the number selected.


TELUS Business Connect comes with several very useful features to improve and streamline communication.

Some notable features include:

  • Unified contact number
  • User management
  • Customized greetings
  • IP Fax

Contact Number

Having one, unified contact number makes it easier for existing customers to reach you, and potential customers to find you.

This can be a toll-free number so that people can contact you from anywhere with no cost to them. You can also get a local number with the same digits.

User Management

Business Connect makes it simple to manage users across multiple locations. Users can be added or removed at any time.

Customized Greetings

Using customized greetings will make it easy for customers to understand the options available to them, and how to connect with the person they are looking for.

IP Fax

Get rid of the need for paper faxes with IP Fax. Documents will be sent and received digitally, making them easy to store and no paper is wasted.

Mobility and Flexibility with TELUS Business Connect

You can conveniently keep in contact with customers and business associates whether you are in the office or on the road.

There are several flexible plans to choose from, depending on your specific communication needs.

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