It probably comes as no shock that entire world is going mobile for a wide range of applications, and daily business operations are no exception. The best smartphone manufacturers on the planet are constantly looking for ways to improve their mobile devices for business users at all levels. This includes business owners, managers, employees, entrepreneurs, and anyone else that is looking to get a productivity boost from their smartphone.

There are a multitude of excellent cell phones to choose from these days, but it is not always the most popular or flashy models that are the best for business applications. Mobile devices that offer the best features for business users must have that focus in mind to truly succeed in giving the modern business professional what they need. Smartphones that provide the best business features generally offer users a way to streamline their daily operations, consolidating routine tasks like email, content creation and file sharing, and presentation features to one device for optimal efficiency.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ are an excellent example of what a business focused mobile device looks like. The Galaxy Note 10+ is the most powerful yet of any Samsung mobile device, and it provides users with an abundance of exceptional features to help improve productivity and performance. From the large and spectacular display for document creation and perusal, to S Pen functionality, and a very powerful processor, this phone can do it all, and quickly.

Outstanding Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 10, 10+ for Better Business Acumen

There are plenty of amazing features to explore with the Samsung Note 10 and 10+ for both business and pleasure. Some of the most impressive business features, include:

  • Display
  • Battery and Charging
  • Performance
  • Durability
  • S Pen
  • DeX


It is hard to overlook the magnificent display the Galaxy Note 10, 10+ has to offer. Both devices boast a large display screen, with the Samsung Note 10 clocking in at 6.4”, while the Note 10+ comes in at a whopping 6.8” display. This large screen is useful for a variety of business functions, and especially when paired with the versatile S Pen, for making notes and annotations anywhere on the screen. The efficient design utilizes almost the entire front of the device for the display, leaving no space wasted. Increased brightness and sharper color contrast also contribute to the brilliance of the display screen.

Battery and Charging

There have been significant improvements in both the battery life and charging power of these Note 10 devices for increased efficiency and longevity. The Samsung Note 10 packs a 3500 mAh battery, while the 10+ is fitted with a 4300mAh battery. Aside from the incredible size of the Note 10+ battery, it has also added AI intelligence to adapt to user habits, conserving battery power, easily lasting the entire day.

The Note 10+ is also compatible with a super-fast charger that can give you a full day’s worth of battery power in about 30 minutes. The Galaxy Note 10 can also give users a full day’s worth of battery off one charge, even with heavy usage rates.


Both Samsung Note 10 devices come with a powerful Snapdragon 855 processor for excellent speed and functionality. The main difference is in the RAM, with Note 10+ offering 12GB of RAM, while the Note 10 has 8GB. These impressive specs put the Note 10+ about as close as you can currently get to PC power in a mobile device.


If you are using these Galaxy Note devices for business, that generally increases the risk of accident or disaster due very high usage rates. Both devices feature durable Gorilla Glass on both sides, and provide good water resistance for exceptional durability.

S Pen

The highly functional S Pen is one of the unique characteristics of Samsung mobile devices that set them apart from the competition. The S Pen is very useful in meetings for taking quick notes anywhere on the screen, that are automatically saved to the device once the S Pen is placed back in its holster. The Samsung Note 10 and 10+ also offer new air actions with the S Pen, that include useful business functions like remote slide changing for presentations, as well as remote volume control.


This is a powerful business function for the Samsung line that has gotten even better when paired with the Galaxy Note devices. You can plug your Samsung Note 10 into any PC or Mac with a USB device, download the DeXonto the PC and get an instant desktop screen for your mobile device. This is extremely useful for business professionals on the go.

Users can also access reverse functionality with Link to Windows by using the Your Phone app on your PC. This allows you to mirror your mobile device with a desktop or laptop for easy file sharing, content creation, and a variety of other great business functions.

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